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January 23, 2009



I meant drunk not tipsy.


even better, Nate. even better.

(I tell ya, that kid cracks me up!)

Although I do find it SLIGHTLY disturbing that he knows the phrase "knocked up".

I'm not THAT bad of a mom :)

Stephanie Morris

you kid TOTALLY cracks me up, too! ..and i agree... where is he learning this stuff! :)

LOVE the pic of freak dog! that needs to be your Christmas card photo for next year! :)

also LOVE the pic of Kirk. Maybe I could use it for the reunion slide show! :) (Kirk, I know you are probably reading this.. I really am kidding. Maybe.)

enjoy the weekend. maybe you will get your wish and have snow! :)


Umm... i don't think so on the pic.. there's got to be better ones.


I laughed out loud on that one. :) Thanks for the humor relief Nate!! I like that you called it a "grown-up drink". When Clint has a beer in the evening he calls it "daddy juice".

Christina Groth

I LOVE the dog picture in the antlers! And beautiful pics of the frozen fog.

I'm glad to have a way to still have a window into your world, through pictures and your writing. You are missed...


I'm really craving your posts and pictures! I miss them.


Really missing your posts...because I miss YOU!


No posts since January. How come?

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A wet suit in the snow huh? Well, it looks pretty water tight.

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