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January 21, 2009


April Curtright

I totally get what you're saying to some extent. As you know, I only recently started twittering. I quickly realized that I needed to change my settings so that only people I approve can follow me. I too was weirded out at people just following for the sake of the numbers game. So, I've chosen only to follow or be followed by people I know on twitter, which basically amounts to you, Jill, Janet, Jay (ah crap...yet another "J" name), and Melinda. Personally, fb and twittering has really helped me get to know some people (granted on a more surface level) and begin to feel connected with people from church. I wouldn't know Melinda at all if it weren't for fb.

I'm learning that really the key to just about everything in my life is balance, and balance looks different for each person. If I understand what you're saying, you just realized that maybe for you, less twittering and fb will bring more balance to your life. I totally respect that. But just so you know, you sharing the minute details of your life via twittering 1.) makes me feel like I am connected to you since I am not otherwise and 2.) it sometimes brings levity to me when i need it most.

So, I hope you won't swear completely off of fb and twitter, but if you do, will you at least text me every once in a while? I want to continue to get to know you... :o)


Thanks April! I know, I've totally done a 180 on my view about this stuff, but I also still see the value in it... like you, realtionship building has been the biggest "gain" for me. But, when I got to the point where I was putting whatever thought popped into my head on to twitter, I realized I needed to listen to the advice I give my kids, which is "you don't have to have EVERY thought in your head come out of your mouth" (or in this case, get typed on a keyboard).

A second factor was that I need(ed) to limit the things that I watch/read that get me riled up. There's a lot out there that can really piss me off if I let it, so I am choosing to extract myself from those situations in order to keep my (barely hanging on) sanity. I just felt that it was turning into tireless self-promotion, and frankly, I'm not that interesting :)

I love learning about people via Twitter and Facebook, and to know what they're up to, but when it turns into a love-fest with myself, I need to step back.

Of course, I won't stop altogether... but I need to be sure that I am RESPONDING more to other people, than just bathering on about "me".

BTW, you rock!


totally valid. i would encourage you to get a twitter app or program that allows you create groups. much easier to follow everyone that way.


I don't follow so many people that I can't keep track - that's sorta my point.

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