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December 23, 2008


Melinda Groth

A therapist? Isn't that what blogging and Twittering is for? I can understand your feelings of loss though. Not having your dad share Christmas with you and acknowledging the status of a final Christmas for your grandma are biggies. We have relatives that are stranded or unable to come, too.


I swear we were separated at birth. I love your honesty. You don't need a need to hang out with your LDS. It will all be better. Love you friend. Hang in there.

April Curtright

I'm totally there with you Jos. I cried most of the day today. I too thought that I need to keep my perspective and that I know there are people who are worse off than me. While that is true, it doesn't diminish how we are feeling. Like Melinda said, you've got a couple of biggies on your plate...reasons to grieve. I think there's room for both...grief and gratitude. Don't be too hard on yourself girlie. I think you're pretty amazing. Still wish you lived closer though...I'd love to take part in your snowed-in-guess-I'll-bake way of coping. And I would have liked to be part of the board games too.

As Jill said, I admire your honesty. Thank you for helping eliminate MY isolation by allowing me to see that I'm not the only one that's tired of the snow and bummin' about Christmas. You should know you're not alone too. :o)

You rock Jocelyn!

Karen Sjoblom

You nailed it totally. I hope between the reflection and the tears Christmas will be doable for you. Plus--meant to tell you--that pic of you in the light blue gear looks beautiful. Does that help?? :) K


I love you, Jos. And, I'm feeling the same frustrations as you...especially that I can't see you and your family, dad, or grandma on Christmas.

I am so thankful that we have each other!


Stephanie Morris

This is such a great post.. so many of us feel the same way!!

Love you, friend... Merry Christmas to you, Kirk and the boys!!

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