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December 20, 2008


Tyler (Man of Depravity)


Tyler Braun
Beaverton, Oregon
I believe that as of right now we have 3.5 inches.

But they say the heavy stuff hasn't even arrived.


are you kidding me??? You are awesome! We have like 42 feet of snow in Tualatin!

Jill Hofer
Tualatin Oregon

I can feel it my ship has finally come in.

April Curtright

woohoo! I LOVE movies...just risked my life to go to the video store in fact (cuz I couldn't just watch one of the 529 dvds I own...pfft).

I'm in the Murray Hill area and we have about 4 inches I'd guess.

April Curtright
Beaverton, Oregon

Melanie Sainz

Melanie Sainz
Fairview, Or
Hrmm. in some places we have about a foot and in other places, nothing. It's all blowing drifts. :)

Linda Wendeborn

Oh.....pick me! :)

I would say about 5"...but it's hard to tell too, it's been blowing so much.

You must have tons!


Ours is melting rapidly and its raining a bunch.

I'd say we had about 6 inches at the peak.

Don Hofer

OK, I'll play. But I don't know what window Jill is looking through. We have about 8 inches of snow. It has now stopped and the temp bottomed out at 21 degrees. It's now back up to 23.


Janet Fraser

10.5 inches

Janet Fraser
Beaverton, Oregon


wow! 10.5" at Janet's place?? crazy!

Karen Sjoblom

You are so funny! Great idea.

We have 73 inches on my patio. Give or take. Karen S.

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